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"etude for everyday life" is a series of work that transforms everyday objects and practices into sound experience.

" it’s not for playing instruments, but for those things that are not so special or regarded as ordinary and even worthless. I’d like to frame them differently, so that people can also see what they can be, not just what they are produced to be. and when you get it, you’d probably do it over & over again just like practicing a song. Then you’d get good at it. something would change. maybe not so drastic, but something profound, I hope."


etude no.12 plastic folio
variation on light / microlandscape

e t u d e w o r k s

exhibitions / performances

2013 Over the Rainbow Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo / etude no.11, 13, 18, 29

2012 etude for everyday life 2P Contemporary, Hong Kong / etude no.12, 18, 19, 21, and videos

2012 RYUGU IS OVER RYUGU, Yokohama / etude no.11


2011 Re:Modernologio Aomori Contemporary Art Centre /etude no.11,12,13,18,19,21,36,38

2011 Tokyo Story Tokyo Wonder Site / etude no.36

2011 etude no.39 instant noodles YUKA TSURUNO, Tokyo / etude no.1,39

2010 BIG IN JAPAN Sydney, Melbourne / etude no.1,39

2010 Tokyo Experimental Festival Tokyo Wonder Site / etude no.1,13,38,40

2010 etude for orange soda YUKA TSURUNO, Tokyo / etude no.7,12,33

2008 etude La Chambre Blanche, Quebec / etude no.7,9,11,12,13

2009 etude BORG, Krems / listening workshop

2009 Oorverdovend Stil SCHELTEMA, Leiden / etude no.7,12,13,21,33

2009 etude no.12 variations MUSEUM QUARTIER, Vienna / etude no.12

ideas and stories

no.7 plastic straw

no.12 food wrap
no.13 ice

no.36 water and dry earth


2012 etude for everyday life / iPhone App

2011etude for everyday life / book

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