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photo: Seiya Kawamoto, 2022

mamoru, 13.09.2023

I am an artist, a sound artist, an artistic researcher, a writer, a composer, an ex-jazz pianist but still a bit of a musician, and moreover a listening practitioner.

The potentiality of what one can experience and perceive through listening has played important role in my artistic practice; an attitude of seeking. When one is enticed into the endless echo of what one is listening to, one can limitlessly continue imagining what it might be. While the conclusion is ever postponed, the listener would gradually become part of the listened through the vibration that creates no distance between the two. This unique sensorial generative experience of knowing can undermine alternative ways to engage with the the world.

The objection of listening is not limited to sound. My listening journey has expanded from the subtle sounds in everyday life to texts and images that stimulate imagination and most recently into voice- less histories of the oppressed. For example, I got interested in a 17th century Dutch geography book which introduced Japan with full of information and imaginary illustrations. As I have spent much time researching, in face I moved to The Netherlands and lived there for 2 years and then traveled often to Indonesia and Taiwan, I have found unexpected connections with the present world and the less known colonial histories around Asia.

I have committed to share the essence of my artistic discoveries with others through performances and installations that incorporates voice, speech, written text, subtitles, field recordings, music, film and video.

Lately, I am interested in voice as a material, also collectivity as a gateway to understand this world a little better and as a path to continue my listening journey.

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