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a long listening journey of a Possible thiStory especially of Japanese & Dutch & something more

research material

research material from
Gedenkwaerdige gesantschappen der OostIndische Maetschappy in’t Vereenigde Nederland, 1669, Amsterdam


A series of works deals with a possible present by looking into the history between Japanese and Dutch which dates back in 17th century. A geography book written by Arnoldus Montanus (Amsterdam, 1669), which consists of 456 pages of text with 71 engraved illustrations and 23 double-paged engravings folded in, is an important departure point and an inspiration. Just as the bookmakers who had never been to Japan collected information and images and created a possible history that is in between imaginary and actual.

The series is originally inspired by a geography books published in 1669 in Amsterdam; Gedenkwaerdige gesantschappen der OostIndische Maetschappy in’t Vereenigde Nederland, aen de kaisaren van Japan. It consists of many illustrations and stories of Japan based on collective information and imagination. The series attempts to see them as "possible" and grafts them to the present, reimagining the possible worlds.



performed and recorded:
Feb 23rd 2018, The 10th Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions, The Garden Room, Yebisu Garden Place, Tokyo

video documentation edited for English audience (1hour 34 min):


concept, script & direction by mamoru
performer: mamoru, Mahito Kawai (Syoumyo - buddhist chanting), So Oishi (DJ), Chi-yi Chung(Suona, Chinese drum etc), Alfin Satriani (drum set), Welly Hendratmoko (gamelan gongs)
visual remixer: Hyuntae Lee
costume designer: Yumiko Arimoto / SINA SUIEN
videographer: Yuki Higuchi
stage director: Takashi Kawachi
sound: Raku Narahashi
lighting: Asako Miura
curator: Keiko Okamura



Chapter 1: this voice - a place - all that is resonating
(solo lecture performance, 2ch projection, speech with occasional live electronic feedback on voice, 2016)


Chapter 2: Art of Japanese Bowing
(solo lecture performance, 2ch projection, speech with occasional live electronic feedback on voice, 2016)


Chapter 3:Further
(single channel film, HD, stereo, 10’10”, 2016)

dance: Madoka Kariya (courtesy of Netherland Dans Theather)
camera: Sol Archer

Photo: Ken Kato 

Chapter 4: outstretched
(single channel film, HD, silent, 3’19", 2016)

camera: Sol Archer

Photo: Ken Kato 

Chapter 5: becomings
(single channel projection, HD, 8 variations in random loop, each video sequence 3'17", stereo sound non sync* 26'14", 2017)
*sound contains the following tracks
1: UpperSange 2017 ver.1 6'55"
2: UpperSange 2017 ver.2 6'40"
3: NamuamiDub (remix: So Oishi) 6'12"
4: Amidachyon (remix: So Oishi) 6'24"
trailer+installation view:

voice: Mahito Kawai
drums: Alfin Satriani
gamelan instrument(gong, siter): Welly Hendratmoko
remix: So Oishi
visual remix: Hyuntae Lee


Chapter 6: Sebuah Tempat
(single channel film, HD, stereo, 6’23", 2017)

voice, translation: Puput Sri Rezeki
*narration in the film is originally written in English
guitar: Rangga Purnama Aji

Firando Tayouan Batavia / ヒラド タイハン ジャガタラ(2018)

Chapter 7: Firando Tayouan Batavia-Japane Taiwan Indonesia
(5 channel video installation, HD, 10'47", 2018)
installation view:

costume:Yumiko Arimoto(SINA SUIEN)
cast, research: Mutia Amelia Febriana


Chapter 8: Suspended on A Historic Bowing
(solo lecture performance, 1ch projection, amplified speech, T shirt, duration approximately 15 min, print on paper, frame, 2017)
*variation for Indonesian, 2017

performance, translation to Indonesian*: Forrest Wong *original text is written in English by the artist
print making: Puput Sri Rezeki
coordination: Kentaro Yokouchi

video documentation:

*It is advised to watch Chapter2 before this chapter or watch the lecture performance that includes both of the chapters.

(c) 2018 a few notes production