e t u d e@n o . 7

listening to the "plastic straw" softly blown.

straws I had being correcting and using the straws to make sound for over 5 years when I first order-made my original straw.

I found a company in Japan that I can order specific size of the straw to have certain sound quality.


Also, I ordered specific color(dark blue) for the straws and I designed the font, logo for the papaer-cover of the straw.

They came out really good.

After recieving first 500 straws, I started to pass out my straws to people I meet on performance/exhibition occasions. A simple straw turned into a work of sound art surely gave people some delight.


The experiment has developed into a project.

World Wide Straw Foundation (project)- one straw can change your life -

strawsworld wide straw foundation presentation

"Pick one and give one to another"
The foundation asks people who love the sound and idea of etude no.7 to donate and enable foundation to keep passing the work to other people. All the donation is spent on reproduction of the straws.

no.7 people

"You are changed"
Blowing straw is not a ordinal action and so, however simple it is, people are altering their life. Also economically speaking, giving money to such a thing is out of norm and so people who make donation to WWSF actually become a part of the "new economy."

no.7 people austira

The foundation (project) aims to introduce the sound and idea of etude no.7 / blowing straw to the people around the globe through exhibition, performances, workshops, and visiting private places and offices.


One of a succesfull furniture maker, after got special edition of etude no.7 , made a wooden case, and small table.

etude no.7 / case etude no.7 / packaged
small table and brass straw etude no.7 / table

to get etude no.7, or to make donation to WWSF - please click here for more details -

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