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piano works

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"piano works" CDーR 2008
self conpilation of piano works from 2000 - 2008

price ¥3000 / total time: 37:21

1.prelude -psalm13- / issued:2000
A very early and small improvisational work inspired by Psalm13 from Old Testament, recorded in NY .

2-3.silver leaf / issued:2003
The original is used as the sound track for video installation. The use of one piano motif through out the track creates its identity.

4-6.night in pieces / issued:2008
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Sound installation "night in pieces" was exhibited as one of the high light of the "realist with compound eyes - exhibition" in 2008 Jan-Feb, at Sato museum in Tokyo. The track on CD has edited from the multi tracks into stereo.

into your image

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into your image (CD-R) 2004  sold out


The CD was originally made for a restaurant in Osaka. It was to make the sound of the conversations, sound from the kitchen or tables as one sound.

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peace on earth

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Peace on earth (CD-R) 2003  sold out

total time 34:23
i dawning -it has begun- 7:40
ii overture -it was so as I have heard- 10:31
iii Fulfilledit -it all came to be true- 16:12

<a few notes>
…I used my voice to create the choral type of sound.
The voice is very original to its person, and that’s the beauty of it.
Digital media like CD and DVD cannot be different each other, they are exactly the same. So, I felt I need to work on the packaging to make something suitable for voice-based-work. I dripped the white ink on the transparent papers and made CD jacket with them. I insert the dark-green Japanese paper in it and every patterns on the paper is slightly different from each other .
So, now all the CD has different patterns of dots and…

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light on the water

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Some light blooms on the water (CD-r) reissue
price ¥3000

As if the sun light reflected on the surface of water or the flower bloom, piano and other sound such as water drops, birds, other daily sound is layered on each other making a collage.

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